Q & A

Q & A

What are the beam coordinates?

The ceremony will take place at the Verkehrshaus (Transport Museum) Planetarium in Lucern at 16:30.

Please meet in the Lido Wiese park opposite the main Verkehrshaus entrance between 16:00 and 16:15. We will have a sign setup there and can then enter the Museum as a group.

Planetarium Lucerne
Lidostrasse 5,
6006 Luzern,


The reception and dinner will be at the Seehaus Grill.

It is a 5 minute walk from the Planetarium. We will hold a reception for drinks and snacks straight after the ceremony. Dinner will be from 19:30.

Seehaus Grill
Lidostrasse 27,
6006 Luzern,


You can RSVP for the ceremony and the dinner separately. If you can’t stay late, we would still be excited to have you for just the ceremony and the apĂ©ro!

Can we bring droids still in alpha testing?

Kids are very welcome at the ceremony and reception.

For young children we ask you to make alternative arrangements for the dinner.

You can RSVP for the ceremony and the dinner separately, if you would like to only attend the ceremony and reception with the mini-mes, we would still be excited to have you!

Should we mount vanity parts?

– Formal
– Casual with tie
– Astronaut Suit

Can we showcase our custom droid routines?

If you would like to add anything to our entertainment program, please get in touch with Fab:


Are there any charging stations near by?

Hotels and camping sites are available in the area.

We will be staying at the Seeburg Hotel in walking distance of Seehaus.

Hotel Seeburg
Seeburgstrasse 53-61
6006 Luzern


There is a camping site in between the Planetrium and Seehaus Grill. They have cabins, space for motor homes, and camp sites.

Schweizerischer Camping- und Caravanning Verband
Lidostrasse 19,
6006 Luzern,

SCCV Camping International Lido Luzern

There are numerous hotels in the local area within walking distance.

The venue is about 1.5 hours from Zurich HB main station.

Public transport buses are available from near the Seehaus Grill to Lucerne Train Station, which connects to Zurich HB Station about once an hour all Saturday night.

Public transport options can be seen at www.sbb.ch/en

Do you accept service equipment donations?

Your presence at our wedding is all we are asking for. We understand that it is a big trip for some.

If you would like to contribute to our new life together please note that we are moving to Australia in 2023. We are already in the process of reducing the amount of our possessions. So a contribution to travel and setup expenses would be appreciated.

You can throw us some coin or galactic credit.

When will you be shipped to Australia?

We will be moving to Australia sometimes 2023.

We will be doing a 2nd small wedding in Australia for anybody unable to attend in Switzerland.

What are your current spatial coordinates?

Currently we are the roommates of Dr. Dolittle and Doogie Mouser at

Kirchweg 37
8102 Oberengstringen

Doogie and Dr. Dolittle

What are your hailing frequencies ?

You can reach us here:


manny: +41764128484

Jeremy: +41765383800